Meet The Up-and-Coming Green-Powered Regenerators

Every year at reSITE, architects who are breaking away from the mold are always part of the roster. This year, we are bringing in actors regenerating their cities and communities for more resiliency in times of climate change. Join the conversation on September 19-20th in Prague.

To highlight a few speakers we will see on this year’s 360-degree stage, who are rethinking and remaking the cities at every scale, restoring their respective communities, and seeking ways to rejuvenate the urban environment while reaching for sustainability and resiliancy.

Meet the up-and-coming green-powered regenerators tackling climate change head-on at reSITE 2019.

Meet MAD architects principal partner, Yosuke Hayano. The prominent studio strives to restore a harmonic balance between humanity and nature through holistic and contemplative spaces. Their pursuit of the integration of structure within the existing environment as well as communal resources, affordable housing, and integrated greenery creates an organic, inclusive space.

Their latest project to be realized, Yiwu Grand Theater in the Chinese province, Zhejiang which appears to be a boat floating on the river. It boasts an energy concious solar design with a transparent glass curtain that acts to create a greenhouse effect in winter, and a ventalation system in summer.

Joining us in Septemeber will also be Christ Precht, the Austrian architect rethinking how architecture can bring back agriculture into our lives through more integrated and holistic design. As it is now, "the way we produce, consume and waste food is a massive threat to our health and the ecosystem." Climate change is forcing us to rethink our way of life and to reconnect our sources of sustenance back into our urban fabric.

We need agriculture back in our cities, and in our minds.
Chris Precht, Studio Precht

Our Prague neighbor, Petr Rokusek, the founder of Nano Energies, along with CEO Stanislav Chvala are leveraging nature as the ‘perfect technology’ to find groundbreaking green energy alternatives and changing the way it is sourced. Rousek envisions a complex infrastructure for cities and their inhabitants where sustainable energy efforts will create much more self-sufficiency, and ultimately, freedom.

We have to make it attractive for people to leave their cars at home.
Anni Sinnemäki, Helsinki Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment,

We will also hear from Helsinki’s Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment, Anni Sinnemäki, who has set her sites on seeking ways to make the Finnish capital carbon neutral by 2035. “Our aim is to mix walking, cycling and public transport to make it more attractive for people to leave their cars at home – or to not buy them at all. Automated minibuses could substantially improve the functionality of public transportation by providing agile last-mile connections for residents”.

Jee Liu + Jamie Wallace, founders of WallaceJiu and designers of Yannan Avenue Park - a once 20m wide highway transformed into a vibrant, community-centered ‘livable street’ in this Southern China city. Their re-introduced much needed green space into the heart of a city that developed rapidly, at the expense of accessible nature.

Greek Architect + founder of PILA Studio, Ilias Papageorgiou focuses on urban renewal projects has some thoughts on sustainability not being “just a thing; it’s more a process, something that there’s no end to. Sometimes I think people or architects approach the issue as if it’s a final solution or result.”

REGENERATE will bring together this new generation or urban activists and more. From leaders on climate and energy, architecture and design, city planning, and public policy, and all of their intersections, in search of solutions for reinventing the city to adapt for generations to come. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event happening this September in Prague.

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