18 global leaders in architecture, sound engineering, design & performing art plus over 320 visitors made RESONATE Lisbon the first ever conference focused exclusively on the intersection of Architecture and Sound


Unbelievable experience and such a vibrant discussion because of this dynamic and innovative mix of people that I have never met in any other conference.
Miguel Álvarez-Fernández
  • 18 Speakers

  • 320 + Guests

  • 38% Architects

  • 21% Curators + Designers

  • 18% Acoustic + Sound Engineers, Musicians

  • 14% Students

  • 9% Media


Most tend to see and talk about architecture as a 3D discipline, focusing on its visual, spatial and functional aspects. But architecture is always experienced in 4D. Sound and acoustic aspects are crucial for people’s experience of public spaces and places that have always been at the core of reSITE’s interest.

MAAT Museum and reSITE brought world’s best creators of sound spaces and acoustic experiences to Lisbon, including 18 global leaders in designing sound spaces, sound engineers, design influencers and artists to rethink sound and space. This one-day international event was organized in collaboration with Meyer Sound and held in parallel to Bill Fontana's large scale Shadow Soundings live-streaming video and sound installation at MAAT.

Thank you for joining us in the journey through a gauntlet of what I believe to the best knowledge from around the world at the intersection of architecture, experiment, art and sound innovation.


Memorable Quotes

"We will look back on sound as the public space element that plagued this era the way scent defined the Middle Ages"
Michael Kimmelmann, The New York Times
"Architect becomes an engineer. Engineer becomes a musician. Musician becomes an architect"
Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Snøhetta
“Architecture is a visual culture, perhaps because of media. We look at architecture through our eyes when it's actually a more tactile experience. We forget that sound is really fundamental for your comfort and experience"
Pedro Gadanho, MAAT



Sound and City | The Urbanist

This week we focus on urbanism, architecture, acoustics and sound artists. We’re reporting from Resonate, a one-day conference in Lisbon by Resite, Maat and Meyer Sound that gathered an international crowd.


Conference: RESONATE | Thinking Sound and Space

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Snøhetta's Kjetil Thorsen Discusses the Design of the Oslo Opera House

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World Architecture News

Outstanding Speakers Confirmed For MAAT And ReSITE’s RESONATE Conference Program In Lisbon

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Women offered 70 per cent discount for architecture conference in Lisbon

Organisers of the Resonate conference have offered female delegates cut-price entry, in an effort to improve the gender balance of the event taking place at the MAAT museum in Lisbon.

“There's a lot of opportunity out there if we open our ears”
Michael Kimmelmann, The New York Times


Resonated with today's most inspiring minds in architecture and creators of ground-breaking acoustic experiences at the incredible MAAT Museum.

Event Program

9:00 Shadow Soundings: Artist-led Tour Bill Fontana
Artist Bill Fontana will lead guests in a private tour of Shadow Soundings, a real-time show that connects the 25th of April Bridge and MAAT.
9:30 Welcome Breakfast Discussion
10:00 Keynote: Dear Architects: Sound Matters Michael Kimmelman (The New York Times, US)
Kimmelman will lead us off with the first lecture at RESONATE, telling us that we don’t need to be specialists to distinguish different spaces based on the sounds they make, or the way we hear those sounds.
in discussion with: Martin Barry (reSITE, US)
11:00 Presentations: Acoustics & Architecture: Past, Present & Future Raj Patel (Arup, US)
This panel will highlight the relationship between sound and architectural space throughout history, leading to present day technology and how new technologies will impact future sound spaces.
12:00 Keynote: Elizabeth Diller: Recent Works Elizabeth Diller (Diller Scofidio + Renfro, US)
Elizabeth Diller will present the studio's longstanding engagement with architecture in sound, ranging from civic to cultural works. The projects include the transformation of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and the High Line - two of the largest architecture and planning initiatives in New York City's recent history; the Museum of Image and Sound and the Shed on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro; and the Shed, the first multi-arts center designed to commission, produce and present all types of performing arts, visual arts, and popular culture.
13:00 Lunch Break
CENTRAL, Sala dos Geradores
14:00 Sound Performance Miguel Álvarez-Fernández
“Diario sonoro de Belalcázar” [“Belalcázar Sound Journal”] is a 'phonographic essay,’ the result of the artist’s residency at La Fragua/The Forge Artist Residency (Belalcázar, in the province of Córdoba, Spain) in May 2013. The piece tries to capture some of the memories and reflections related to that experience. The artist wouldn’t refer to this as a ‘soundscape’ in the proper sense, as the recorded sounds are consistently manipulated and combined with synthetic materials. The artist will talk about the performance, the differences with more conventional soundscapes, and his process for making this and other pieces.
14:30 Panel Discussion: Sound Art, Sound Architecture
In a discussion moderated by sound artist Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, the relationship between sound, space, and body will be explored by artist Bernhard Leitner. Leitner has been a pioneer in sound installation art and will speak about conceiving of sounds as architectural, or constructive material - allowing a space to emerge. Xavier Veilhan will virtually walk us into his sound space studio in the French Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia (2017) where he hosted over one hundred musicians from various countries, who all came to think and play for art loving audiences in this recreated studio, which became a public space and experiential shrine built for sound.
15:30 Keynote: Harpa – Connecting Sound and City Louis Becker
Louis Becker has made a mark on cultural and performing arts centers in Europe and Asia. Harpa, Henning Larsen describes, serves as an icon for Iceland. The four auditoriums offer a highly varied music and cultural program, which places great demands on the acoustics and flexibility - all features that were handled with great tactility and understanding of user and performance needs. The lecture and discussion with Portuguese architect Joao Santa-Rita will focus on how to accommodate program and sound flexibility at Harpa, and similar projects with demanding acoustic needs.
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Innovative Sound and Acoustics Research
The Research Centre in Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR) of the School of the Arts - UCP, the Museum of Art Architecture and Technology (MAAT) and the Portuguese Audio Engineering Association (APEA) have selected marquee papers on the topic of “Electroacoustics, Art and Architecture” for presentation and discussion. PRESENTATIONS: Suse Ribeiro, Filipe Lopes MODERATOR: André Perrotta
18:00 Keynote Lecture: Oslo Opera House & Discussion & Wrap-up Keynote: Kjetil Trædal Thorsen (Snøhetta, NO)
The Oslo Opera House is a study in architectural juxtaposition and surprise. The acoustic design of the concert hall attempts to strike a balance between reverberant orchestral sound while carrying a clear voice from opera singers; a balance that Snøhetta with Arup worked hard to provide.
19:00 Cocktail Hour
City of Lisbon views and drinks


Elizabeth Diller

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen

Bill Fontana

Louis Becker

Birgit Lohmann

Michael Kimmelman

Jessica Mairs

Miguel Álvarez-Fernández

Solène Wolff

João Santa-Rita

Bernhard Leitner

Joana Carneiro

Michael Jones

John Pellowe

Xavier Veilhan

Andrew Tuck

Raj Patel

Pedro Gadanho

Martin Barry


MAAT: Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lisbon, Portugal

(c) FG+SG

By walking or bike

  • The venue is easily accesible and within the walking distance from Belém stop.
  • The museum is adapted for access of disabled persons.
  • Bicycle parking is provided.

By public transport

  • Bus: 728, 714, 727, 729, 751
  • Tram: 15
  • Train: Belém Station

By car

Free public car park is 500 m from the museum.

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