September 19-21, 2019 | reSITE's Flagship Global Forum Tackled Urban Regeneration. Winner of the Best Event of the Year 2018

Best Moments of reSITE 2019 REGENERATE

REGENERATE explores both the rebirth of cities and the generations of people living within.
Greg Lindsay, Guest Curator of reSITE


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Event Format


  • How will we make room for families by remaking the city at every scale — from the mega-redevelopment of brownfields to restoring neighborhoods?
  • How should we balance expansion with heritage?
  • How are young mayors grappling with unaffordability and redevelopment?
  • Which startups are transforming the city itself into a generator to stave off climate change?
  • And which architects are imagining new ways of living, working and playing for children and families?
  • REGENERATE will bring together a new generation of leaders on climate, energy, health, and mobility — as well as design and public policy — to discuss creating cities for young and old alike.

reSITE is one of the most important conversations of its kind.

reSITE 2019 REGENERATE in the News


thomas heatherwick discusses his studio's creative strategies

for the 8th edition of the annual architecture and urbanism conference reSITE, thomas heatherwick was invited to prague’s forum karlin to deliver the keynote presentation. we spoke with heatherwick passionately about his creative strategies, his multi-faceted practice and the ‘joyousness’ of the initial design stages. read the interview in full below.

Monocle Radio

Monocle's Radio The Urbanist: reSITE 2019 Revisited

We’re back in Prague to zoom in on some of the big projects and bold ideas that emerged from Resite 2019. From the waterways of New York to the alleyways of Beijing, we we seek out the highlights from this year’s event.


prague's 'shipwreck tower' could become the tallest building in the czech republic

plans have been revealed for a 135-meter-tall (443 ft) tower in prague, designed in part by sculptor david černý, that resembles a vertical shipwreck.

World Architecture Community

“Cities Should Be A Part Of Food Consumption” Says Chris Precht At reSITE 2019

“Cities should be a part of food consumption", said Chris Precht, co-founder of architectural studios Precht and Penda, at this year’s reSITE, an annual global forum discussing the most urgent issues in the urbanized world and reSITE’s this year’s theme is REGENERATE.

Monocle Radio: The Urbanist

Monocle Radio's The Urbanist at reSITE 2019 REGENERATE

We decamp to Prague to join the 1,000+ attendees at this year’s reSITE conference. Exploring the theme of regeneration, we bring you conversations and contemplations from some of the most interesting names in the urban-planning world.


reSITE 2019 discusses the future of our cities at REGENERATE conference in prague

marking the 8th edition of the global architecture and urbanism forum, reSITE 2019 returned to prague to bring together leading architects, designers and business leaders to discuss the future of our urban environments under the theme of ‘REGENERATE’


REGENERATE will bring together thought leaders, mayors, architects, planners, investors, artists and activists from around the world, and more to reSITE's flagship global forum.

Powered by the minds behind Manifesto Market.

More on reSITE 2019 REGENERATE

reSITE 2019 REGENERATE: Human Creativity is the Ultimate Renewable Energy 

In its most diverse edition yet, REGENERATE hosted a rich and interdisciplinary conversation about the future of life in cities, attracting twelve hundred participants from 25 countries to 3 stages, side events and parties.

Eight Quotes Stuck in Our Minds From reSITE 2019 REGENERATE

Here are some of our favorite quotes we still have stuck in our heads from the 8th annual event keeping us inspired - and mindful - in how we go forth in designing and developing for future generations.

Let's REGENERATE our Future Cities at reSITE 2019

reSITE 2019 REGENERATE brings a global community of city-makers to Prague full of eagerness to inspire to create an impact on the future of our cities this September 19-20

Six Quotes on Regenerating Cities to Tackle the Climate Crisis from reSITE 2019

As we forward from REGENERATE, some quotes, thought and ideas hang in our minds. When we think about regenerating our cities - making the old new again utilizing repurposed space with rejuvenated programs, a crucial question was how to incorporate climate action into city-making.

reSITE 2019 REGENERATE Gallery

Memorable Quotes

Creativity is the ultimate renewable energy.
Ravi Naidoo, Design Indaba
How can we make architecture to be urban space so that people feel it is built for them?
Yosuke Hayano, MAD Architects
Every community has seeds of their own regeneration, right there.
Emmanuel Pratt, Sweetwater Foundation
We're forgetting that we have collective power.
Bianca Wylie, TechReset Canada
We are destroying the things we love with the things we love.
Anni Sinnemäki, Helsinki’s Deputy Mayor of the Urban Environment
The ideas of urban sprawl is manifestoed in a single house.
Kate Wagner, McMansion Hell
We have to be ready for the city to shape us and not the other way around.
Christopher Cabaldon, Mayor of West Sacramento
We care about fictional stories. Our planet doesn't
Chris Precht, Studio Precht
We can't keep urbanizing at the expense of the environment.
Beatrice Leanza, MAAT Museum
Everyday is a regeneration of yourself.
Eva Jiřičná, A.I. Design


Wednesday September 18

19:00 | DRN Top Floor Old and New, Redeveloping Historic Buildings | 60 min João Santa-Rita, Partner (Santa-Rita & Associados Lisbon, PT)

Thursday September 19

8:00 - 9:30 Registration. Remember to check your App!
8:30 | Dome Stage Yoga session REGENERATE Yourself
9:30 | Main Stage Welcome Address | 15 min Martin Barry, Founder & Chairman (reSITE) Prague, CZ
9:45 | Main Stage Keynote & Conversation | 30 min Ravi Naidoo, Founder (Design Indaba) Cape Town, ZA

Opening Block Not-So-Smart Cities
For a decade, “smart cities” have been an article of faith in urban regeneration. Build a new district, just add sensors and cameras, and profit from the data collected from residents. But resistance to this model is building. In Toronto, Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs has met stiff opposition to its plans to build a private city-within-the-city. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, the Brainport Smart District is pursuing a different approach in which residents own and control their data. And the company more governments turn to than any architecture or technology firm to design their smart cities is the consultancy McKinsey. Are “smart cities” really about building better cities, or different aims completely?

Morning Block Gardens in the Machine
In contrast to cities, natural ecosystems are perceived as self-regulating and self-healing, able to regenerate themselves after disasters. What can the urban world learn from nature — to which it is typically seen as being opposed — and how can we “rewild” our cities? From renewable energy to biomimicry to new types of infrastructure designed to co-exist (rather than resist) nature, how will we regenerate our cities in the Anthropocene Era?
11:20 | Main Stage Lecture | 10 min Stanislav Chvála, CEO  (Nano Energies) Prague, CZ
11:30 | Main Stage Lecture | 15 min Chris Precht, Co-founder (Precht) Pfarrwerfen, AT
11:55 | Main Stage Lecture | 15 min Ilias Papageorgiou, Founder (PILA) GR/US
12:10 | Main Stage Block Discussion | 20 min Stanislav Chvála, CEO  (Nano Energies) Prague, CZ
12:30 | Main Stage Shared Cities: Creative Momentum | 5 min Stefanie Heublein, Project Manager (Shared Cities: Creative Momentum) Prague,CZ
12:35 | Main Stage Regenerating brownfields for tomorrow | Panel Discussion | 20 min David Chisholm, Partner (CMC Architects) Prague, CZ
12:55 - 14:00 Lunch

13:30 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Ravi Naidoo, Founder (Design Indaba) Cape Town, ZA
13:45 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Artur Celiński, Vice-Editor in Chief (Magazyn Miasta) Warsaw, PL
14:00 | DOME STAGE | Czech language only Dieta pro planetu: Low Carb, High Volt Nano Energies | Break-out Session
Dýchá, šumí, hučí, zvoní, rozpíná se, kope a nikdy nespí. Naše planeta potřebuje hodně energie, ale v posledních letech ji nekrmíme zrovna zdravými věcmi – spálené uhlí, plastová voda a dezerty z odpadků. Jak dostat Zemi do rovnováhy, aby to s námi dlouho vydržela? Pojďme společně s architekty, inovátory a energetiky hledat tu nejlepší dietu pro naši planetu. Málo karbonu a hodně zelených voltů. Jste kreativní a baví vás urbanismus, ale o energetice nic nevíte? Tak to jste tu správně. Přidejte se k našemu workshopu a společně vymyslíme, jak zužitkovat, vyrábět, sdílet a obnovovat elektřinu ve městě jako je Praha. Připravíme recepty, které můžete zkusit hned zítra.
Afternoon Block Make No Little Plans
Urban mega-redevelopment projects are typically fraught, all-too-often producing sterile, cookie-cutter districts or stalling during economic downturns. What have we learned about the near-impossible — and absolutely necessary — art of building new pieces of cities from scratch? How do we make a place urban long before the foundations are dug? And what stories do they tell about the cities they belong to?
14:15 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Ilias Papageorgiou, Founder (PILA) GR/US
14:20 | Main Stage Conversation | 20 min Inês de Medeiros, Mayor (City of Almada) Almada, PT
14:30 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Eva Jiřičná, Founder and Director (AI - DESIGN) London, UK
Co-hosted by Central Group
14:40 | Main Stage Conversation | 20 min Matúš Vallo, Mayor (City of Bratislava) Bratislava, SK
15:20 | DOME STAGE Break-out Session: The Promise of Digital Twinning. McKinsey & Company
How could this method better solve and coordinate the urban challenges faced by Prague. Open discussion on the topic of digitization in the urban setting. Digital twinning: What is it? How can it be used to design the best urban environment fostering quality of life? How can it be used to model and optimize desired features of the cities? We will look into the example of Singapore, who is using digital twinning and reflect how could this method help solve the infrastructure and urban challenges faced by Prague.
15:20 | VIP Lounge Break-out Session: Residence Nádraží Žižkov Penta Real Estate
19:00 | Invitation only REGENERATE Dinner

Friday September 20

8:00 - 9:30 Registration. Remember to check your App!
8:30 | Dome Stage Yoga session REGENERATE Yourself
9:30 | Main Stage Conversation & Recap | 15 min Martin Barry, Founder & Chairman (reSITE) Prague, CZ
9:45 | Main Stage Keynote & Conversation | 30 min Yosuke Hayano, Principal Partner (MAD Architects) Beijing, CN

Opening Block Generations
“Old people in cities, frightened of the sky.” That’s the future according to science-fiction author Bruce Sterling. Urbanization, aging, inequality and climate change have conspired to push housing prices out of reach for many young people, while their parents struggle to maintain suburban homes that cannot be sustained once they are gone. How will we regenerate cities for future generations?
10:15 | MAIN STAGE Special Lecture | 20 min Kate Wagner, Founder (McMansion Hell) & Critic Washington D.C., US
10:35 | MAIN STAGE Lecture | 15 min Reza Merchant, CEO, Founder (The Collective) London, UK
11:05 | Main Stage Block Discussion | 20 min Kate Wagner, Critic & Creator (McMansion Hell) Washington D.C., US

Morning Block The Art of City-Making
Artists have played an outsized role in the mythology of urban revitalization. Seen as pioneers willing to live and work cheaply where others refuse, they inadvertently colonize neighborhoods for the creative class who follow closely behind. Still, artists retain a power and toolset to transform the neighborhoods around them. How can we create a new kind of arts-led regeneration that doesn’t lead to gentrification and displacement? And how can we encourage residents to re-make the city with them?
11:40 | Main Stage Panel Discussion | 30 min Beatrice Galilee, Architecture & Design Curator, New York, US
12:10 | Main Stage Special Lecture | 20 min Emmanuel Pratt, Founder (Sweet Water Foundation) Chicago, US
12:55 - 14:00 Lunch
13:30 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Yosuke Hayano Principal Partner (MAD Architects) Beijing, CN
13:45 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Christopher Cabaldon Mayor (City of West Sacramento) West Sacramento, US
14:00 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Reza Merchant CEO, Founder (The Collective) London, UK

Afternoon Block East Meets West
Popularly seen as the world’s biggest construction site, China’s urban boom is now old enough that many of its cities are in need of regeneration themselves. How do we fix the mistakes of the world’s longest, most furious building boom? Conversely, Eastern money and migrants are proving essential to the revitalization of Western cities, with unintended consequences of their own. How can East and West learn from each other in order to revitalize themselves?
14:00 | MAIN STAGE Lecture | 20 min Beatrice Leanza, Director (MAAT) Lisbon, PT
14:15 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Emmanuel Pratt Founder (Sweet Water Foundation) Chicago, US
14:20 | Main Stage Lecture | 20 min Jee Liu, Co-founder (WallaceLiu) London, UK
14:30 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Anni Sinnemäki Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment (City of Helsinki) Helsinki, FI
14:30 | Dome Stage | Registration Needed Cooperative Housing, Cooperative Business Coop Development | Break-out Session
For more information and registration:
14:40 | Main Stage Block Discussion | 25 min Beatrice Leanza, Director (MAAT) Lisbon, PT
14:45 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities In Conversation with: Tomáš Císař, Founder (Black n‘Arch) Prague, CZ
15:05 | Main Stage Closing Talk Show | 30 min Yosuke Hayano, Principal Partner (MAD Architects) Beijing, CN
15:35 | Live Mic Stage by Shared Cities Happy Hour with reSITE
19:00 | Goethe-Institut Foyer2 Launch of Cities Magazine #3: The future of sharing in Central European Cities Rosmarie de Wit

Saturday September 21

10:00 | Chotkovy sady Run with reSITE | Starts from Chotkovy sady, finish at Manifesto Market Smichov
Prague is well known for its historic architecture, having been the capital of the Holy Roman Empire during the 14th century and one of Europe’s important cities for centuries. However, the range of architecture from the 20th century reflects Prague’s position as a center of art and style. The Run with reSITE includes some famous buildings from the 20th century, running through parks, street art in the lead with masterpieces made by famous contemporary artist David Černý and insider tips with cafes and specialized fashion & design shops that shouldn’t be missed.


Yosuke Hayano

Bianca Wylie

Thomas Heatherwick

Eva Jiřičná

Guy Perry

Inês de Medeiros

Matúš Vallo

Beatrice Galilee

Ravi Naidoo

Beatrice Leanza

Chris Precht

Barbara Wilks

Marianthi Tatari

András Szántó

Reza Merchant

Anni Sinnemäki

Jee Liu

Jamie Wallace

Christopher Cabaldon

Kate Wagner

Petr Pudil

Yoko Choy

Leona Lynen

Stanislav Chvála 

David Černý

Bettina Zerza

Ilias Papageorgiou

Gerard Schuurman

Stefanie Heublein

Kingsley Jayasekera

Petr Palička

Birgit Lohmann

Peter Bednár

David Chisholm

Emmanuel Pratt

Luca Ballarini

João Santa-Rita

Pavel Podruh

Solène Wolff

Tomáš Císař

Pavel Kalouš

Soňa Jonášová

Pascal Cornips

Artur Celiński

Jakub Klaska

Ondřej Chybík

Lenka Kabrhelová

Petr Návrat

Osamu Okamura

Greg Lindsay

Martin Barry

Best of reSITE

Sou Fujimoto on Reinventing the Relationship Between Nature & Architecture

Sou Fujimoto, founder of Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo, doesn’t see nature and the built environment as opposing forces, but seeks to integrate and learn from the environment as much as possible throughout the design process. Most notably, Fujimoto was selected to design the 2013 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London, and in 2019, as one of the 23 architects to reinvent Paris.

Michel Rojkind on What We Can Learn from Running in Our Cities

Michel Rojkind, founder of Rojkind Arquitectos, takes reSITE REGENERATE participants on a run through Prague, sharing his unique method of understanding the city and getting ideas for architecture and city design.

Winy Maas on Why Dreaming About the Future of our Cities is Essential

Urban planner, architect, and co-founder of MVRDV interdisciplinary studio, Winy Mass, is reimagining cities and public spaces. He shares with us many of his innovative projects and his curiosity about how future cities will rethink functional space in the public domain.

Kazuyo Sejima | reSITE Small Talk

Kazuyo Sejima, founding partner of Tokyo-based SANAA discusses her approach to design in the modern world.


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