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In June 2013, we organized the second-annual major international conference at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. The energy of the conference and related events represented a new generation of thinkers and doers in Central Europe.

June 20-21, 2013 / DOX Center for Contemporary Art, Prague

reSITE Conference 2013 Metropolis Central: Infinite Resources" addressed the issue of modernizing Prague and other post-communist / premodern cities of the CEE region.

The conference focused on providing solutions for politicians, citizens and investors; to grow and yet weave in a complex past. We feel certain that reSITE Conference 2013 catalyzed the public and business community to influence positive changes.

Discussions and targeted lectures from international and local experts merged design, development and finance, government and community participation. Moderators from around the world transitioned seamlessly from one topic to the next. Why did we merge so many topics into one conference? Simply put, the city is built this way.reSITE called architects, politicians, urbanists, developers, landscape architects, planners, innovators, engineers, economists, financiers, community activists, transportation planners, scientists, artists, students and any individuals with an active interest in cities to attend the second annual reSITE Conference.

Key themes at reSITE 2013 conference were: Livable Metropolis: Transparent Processes, City COMBINE : Urban resiliency and City Ecosystems, reCLAIMING Waterfronts, reGENERATIVE Metropolis: Tools of Stimulation, Quality Leadership and Governance: European Perspective, Investment and Urban Development, and Community Participation.Thus, the conference focused on providing solutions for politicians, citizens and investors.

Maria Aiolova, Co-founder of Terreform ONE from New York, at reSITE 2013 conference.
Maria Aiolova, Co-founder of Terreform ONE from New York, at reSITE 2013 conference.


It was again a wonderful conference! Congrats! I have been to many of these events and I can say this is one of the best I have been to from a content, media and organizational point of view.
Alexandros E. Washburn
reSITE is a fantastic opportunity to share thoughts and visions with high ranking professionals from many countries. This was a mind changing opportunity I would never want to miss.
Boris Palmer
You are doing a great job... my team say you have a wonderful can-do organisation. Good luck with all of your endeavors. Congratulations to you for that.
Cecil Balmond
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reSITE Conference 2013 catalyzed the public and business community to influence positive changes. Speakers like Greg Lindsay (Fast Company Magazine) talked about innovation and smarter work environments. Alex Washburn (City of New York) addressed finance, zoning, sustainable and bottom-up / top-down urban planning. Adrian Benepe (City of New York) talked about resiliency and Mayor Bloomberg’s goal of having a park within a 10-minute walk of every New Yorker, because that is healthy for citizens and good for real estate investment.

We highlighted foreign expertise by having Kees Christiaanese discuss urban planning at KCAP in Rotterdam. Enrique Penalosa brought a 400-person audience nearly to a standing ovation, with a thundering applause for his critique of democracy and his observations in the city of Prague. Winy Maas, the world-famous architect from the Netherlands, talked about merging the past with the future, but in an innovative way that stimulates controversial discussions about the cities he works in. A special panel of experts like Gines Garrido and Barbara Wilks talked about flooding and waterfront investment ideas with local officials like Tomas Ctibor and Pavla Melkova from the Prague Office for Public Space at the City Development Authority. Nigel Atkins stimulated discussion with his crtique of the Czech system while young Slovak architects presented their community initiative that started an urban market. Other international guests stressed the importance of public/private partnerships to invest in public infrastructure and public spaces. At the end of two days of inspiring presentations, it was clear that these diverse and experienced professionals have added significant value into the cities they live and work in and they inspired the audience.


Winy Maas

Cecil Balmond

Adrian Benepe

Petr Palička

Enrique Peñalosa

Allen Zerkin

Alexandros Washburn

Maria Aiolova

Nigel Atkins

Gábor Bindics

Tomáš Cach

Judith Carrera

David Chisholm

Kees Christiaanse

Erik Čipera

Tomáš Ctibor

Norman Eisen

Irakli Eristavi

Jan Farský

Klára Gajdušková

Gines Garrido

Tomáš Hanacek

Petra Havelská

Pavel Hnilička

Tomáš Hudeček

Charlie Hughes

Pavel Jansta

Paul Koch

Florian Köhl

Reinhard Kropf

Greg Lindsay

Shriya Malhotra

Jan Macháček

Michal Mejstrik

Pavla Melková

Vaclav Mencl

Jonas Norsted

Illah van Oijen

Tomasz Ossowicz

Boris Palmer

Stefan Rettich

Jolana Říhová

Tania Ruiz

Milota Sidorova

Tomas Sedlacek

Vladimir Sitta

Lukáš Sokol

Bence Turanyi

Michael Winfrey

Barbara Wilks


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