reSITE 2014 Conference | Cities and Landscape of the New Economy

reSITE 2014 Conference was organized in cooperation with the City Development Authority of Prague and served – for the third time – as a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences from cities as diverse as New York, Calgary, London, Paris, Rotterdam, Budapest, Cracow and Prague.

June 19-20, 2014 / Forum Karlin, Prague

The third international reSITE conference sought to connect the themes of how cities and landscapes are developing in the new economy.

Our two-day program in the newly opened Forum Karlin consisted of presentations, workshops, lectures and discussion panels that featured inspiring ideas, interesting solutions and unexpected encounters: diverse contributions with a common goal - to achieve a better life in our cities

More than 660 people attended our conference, and they represented a broad array of sectors: government administration (137), architects (110), non-profit organizations (83), academics (82), investors and developers (72) from across Central and Eastern Europe. All of them contributed to a discussion about the development of higher quality public architecture, public space and public landscape in the changing, new economy. The conference was organized in collaboration with the Institute for Planning and Development in Prague.

reSITE 2014, Forum Karlin
reSITE 2014, Forum Karlin


Cities are the future. And it’s very much organizations like reSITE that are crowdsourcing brilliance, which will make cities flourish.
Edward Glaeser, Harvard University



50 Speakers

Audience Geography:

23 Countries

Speakers Geography:

16 Countries

reSITE is becoming the most influential venue in the field of urbanism in our country and maybe soon in Europe. I appreciate especially the effort to mutually combine the theory and a practice of planning, which became separated throughout the last century.
Pavel Hnilicka, Architect, Advisor for the Strategic Plan of Prague


The conference kicked-off with the famous American neo-liberal economist Edward Glaeser. The strategy for urban development in Prague and the Czech Republic was presented by the Mayor of Prague, Tomas Hudecek, and the Minster of Regaional Developent, Vera Jourova respectively. A leading figure in the world of architecture, Benedetta Tagliabue, presented a unique project of revitalization of the Barcelona market Santa Katarina. This year reSITE conference and festival saw many more inspiring presentations, keynote lectures, workshops, events and discussions by the experts from: New York, Calgary, London, Paris, Rotterdam, Budapest, Cracow and Prague.


Edward Glaeser

Michael Kimmelman

Mark Johnson

Eugene Asse

Stig L. Andersson

Nicolas Buchoud

Michael Brown

Marco Clausen

Tomáš Ctibor

Michel Desvigne

Juval Dieziger

Joanna Erbel

Sándor Finta

Oksana Galenko

Adam Gebrian

Adriaan Geuze

Adam Greenfield

Daniel Herman

Pavel Hnilička

Mario Husten

Tomáš Hudeček

Daniella Huszár

Ivan Kućina

Marek Janiak

Věra Jourová

Jan Kasl

Florian Köhl

Vladimir Ledecky

Niombo Lomba

Jan Ludvik

Vít Míslo

Petr Návrat

Margaret Newman

Karima Nigmatulina

Petr Palička

Vasa J. Perović

Grzegorz Piątek

Christian Potiron

Karel Schwarzenberg

Tereza Stöckelova

Jan Švejnar

Irena Vostracká

Benedetta Tagliabue

FilIp Wänström

David Chisholm

Osamu Okamura

Martin Barry


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